Friday, April 18, 2008

What About Black Tuesdays???

2nd Tuesday's are the Day that Microsoft puts out Security Patches. Most Tuesday's are the usual-crud clean up stuff, but once in a Blue Moon, the patches are serious. This past Tuesday was one of those nasty ones, hence the name: Black Tuesday.

According to Microsoft and Security Experts:

Critical (5) Patches are critical, and affect most recent versions of Windows.

Microsoft Security Site:
Among other things the problem affects WMF (Wundows MetaFiles) which are Icon-like pictures in Windows WMF format. Most Web Sites don't use WMF's choosing instead Jpegs, Gifs and PNGs, but a few sites do. MySpace had a problem with them a while back, caused by users uploading infected WMF's to their MySpace pages. And even Emails can now contain and open WMF pictures as part of advertising content. Be Safe, Update Patches on a regular basis.

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